C# Code - SharpBuddy

SharpBuddy is a .NET 2.0 library which lets you talk to an iBuddy.

This is an unofficial library and is based on the python script found on this page. Initially I tried out the script posted there and found that it didn't work on my Windows Python, even with pyusb installed. After installing snoopypro and doing some of my own messing around, i've managed to get it to work.


Changes made:

  • ICSharpCode.USB# didn't support sending Control Messages to USB endpoints other than 00. Added an overload to perform this function.
  • USB ProductId is different to original Python script. I'm not sure why this is the case, but there may be several versions of the iBuddy floating around. I live in Australia and bought my iBuddy from here.
  • Wrote an OO abstraction around all the USB stuff (iBuddy.cs), so you can call buddy.TwitchRight(), buddy.WingsUp(), etc.



  •  libusb-win32. You will need to download and install the libusb-win32 filter from the libusb-win32 website and install it on your computer before using SharpBuddy. SharpBuddy was built against libusb-win32
  • .NET Framework 2.0. You should be able to edit the source code in SharpDevelop or Visual Studio 2005.






Using libraries:

  • Take a look at the DeviceContext.SharpBuddy.Test project. This is a test harness for the SharpBuddy library, and it should be fairly self explanatory. The iBuddy is quite simple and doesn't do too many things, and the Test Harness covers all the available functionality (that I know of).




SharpBuddy Test Harness

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